July 30, 2021

Some Reasons Why You Visit World Largest Sea beach Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is an exotic tourist city besides the Bay of Bengal, it is the longest endless beach of Bangladesh, which is also a fishing port and a tourism center. It is almost 120km long which makes it an uninterrupted natural beach Bazar.

Miles of golden sand, towering cliffs, Buddhist temples, tasty seafood are the specialties of this place. Every year millions of tourists are attracted to this place for such attributes

  • High hills at the back of this sand beach covered with beautiful greenery, gives a mesmerizing look to the viewer’s eye. The mangrove forests make this area look ten times more attractive.

The enchanting beauty of the setting sun behind the hills is captivating. Walking along the shores and viewing the sunset is a treat to the human eye.

The clear blue water is good for swimming and bathing. Tourist can enjoy water sports activities like scuba diving, surfing and try some boat rides

  • There are a lot of shops in the hotel zone where things made up of seashells, pearl jewellery and ancient Burmese dresses are very popular and are sold by vendors beside the beach.
  • There are many hotels around serving delicious seafood as well as other local dishes. They serve all kinds of Indian and Bengali food. Bangladeshi fried fish is one of Cox’s Bazar special food items. People come all the way to have this traditional dish

Cox’s beach is well-known for its green coconut and cheap mountain bananas, moreover, locally made cigars and hand loom products of Tribal families are good buys

There are few wonderful beaches to see around Cox’s beach Bazar, one of them is known as Himchari waterfall, the refreshing green hills and beautiful waterfall makes it the most crowded place in the district.

Other beaches include the Laboni beach, Sughandha beach, Inani, and Technaf beach. All these have their importance and scenic beauty. The peaceful and romantic environment of these areas is a perfect place to enjoy with your family, friends, or even alone. For photography lovers, this is a great place to ignite your love for photography. The scenic beauty is hard to resist so it makes it even harder for you not to capture the beauty all day long.

Talking to the locals there, you will find Bangladeshi people friendly and loving. Talking to them is a great way to meet and get to know the locals. Locals can teach you the real side of culture and help you to get around the place and explore more than what you know.

We are blessed with several natural wonders and stunning locations around the world. Cox’s Bazar is one of them. it is a whole world in itself, from high hills to beautiful waterfall and the delightful food. Every single thing attracts people around the world to visit this place. So, it is a perfect place for you to escape the hectic routines and nervous tensions and chill out in Cox’s Beach Bazar.

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